The guide to getting your workplace into the recycling revolution

Office recycling

Getting your household to recycle is one thing, getting your workplace recycling is another task altogether. As hard as it may be, it’s part of your duty as a responsible employer to encourage workplace recycling, wherever possible.

In the UK, we use 12.5 million tonnes of paper and cardboard every year! By just recycling paper and cardboard in the workplace, it could save space, reduce clutter and massively reduce the environmental impact that comes from making all of that paper and card. Over a quarter of companies who recycle at work say that they have saved space by having designated areas and clearly labelled containers and bins for specific materials.

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Don’t bin that Plastic Bottle, Bottle it

Plastic bottle recycle

Single use plastic bottles are steadily becoming a big issue in the UK, and across the globe. In 2019, the UK threw away 8 million drink containers, which included plastic bottles, into general waste – these end up in landfill sites and are not usually biodegradable, taking up space for several years. 

If disposed of in the right way, our environment will benefit enormously, both in the short and long term.  

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What to add to your next School Budget?

School budget

Getting the most out of your school budget is crucial. With a set amount being offered to ensure your school is furnished to a high standard each year striking the right balance between quality and cost efficiency is key.

We’ve put together a selection of items that you might want to consider adding to your wish list for when you’re considering where to spend your budget.

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Why make the change to Eco-Friendly Bins?

COP 26 has flagged up the need for everyone to take on a greater responsibility to protect and save our planet.

There are small changes we can all make to do our bit to help. This includes taking more care when it comes to buying products, ensuring that they are sustainable and eco-friendly.

We’ve taken a detailed look at what makes a product eco-friendly and why you should choose eco-friendly items.

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The Difference Between Commercial Bins and Household Bins

Difference Between Household Bins and Commercial Bins

What is the difference between household and commercial bins? It must be a question you have asked yourself over and over again. Oh, you haven’t? Well, we’re deep thinkers when it comes to the world of bins, so we’ve answered it for you anyway!

As a business owner you need to understand what the differences are and what your responsibilities are for your waste, not knowing could cost you a pretty penny.

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Starbucks ‘Latte Levy’ and Wetherspoons Paper Straws – February 2018 Recycling News

February has been a huge month for recycling news and progress. As well as previously reporting on the plans to introduce a Norwegian style recycling system, this month’s roundup contains details of the new 5p charge for takeaway drinks at Starbucks and the reason why paper straws have appeared in the nation’s favourite pubs… Continue reading “Starbucks ‘Latte Levy’ and Wetherspoons Paper Straws – February 2018 Recycling News”