Coca-Cola's 'World Without Waste' and ASOS Circular Fashion - January 2018 Recycling News

Coca-Cola's 'World Without Waste' and ASOS Circular Fashion - January 2018 Recycling News
9 February 2018 4 view(s) 3 min read
Coca-Cola's 'World Without Waste' and ASOS Circular Fashion - January 2018 Recycling News
January 2018 has been filled with recycling and environmental updates as brands race to announce their sustainability goals for the new year. This month's Recycling Round-Up includes details of a brand-new waste campaign from Coca-Cola, along with news for a circular fashion plan-of-action from worldwide fashion companies. A World Without Waste: The Coca-Cola Company announces ambitious global sustainable packaging goal Earlier this month, multinational beverage corporation The Coca-Cola Company released it's #WorldWithoutWaste campaign plans - an industry-first goal to collect and recycle the equivalent of every bottle or can it sells globally by 2030. The campaign will also include Coca-Cola sponsoring litter clean-up events, investing in hi-tech recycling facilities and partnering with organisations such as the WWF, Ocean Conservancy and Keep Britain Tidy. This is not Coca-Cola's first attempt to tackle plastic waste. The 'World Without Waste' campaign follows on from the previous success of the multi-million-pound campaign "A Bottle Love Story" in August 2017. The advert used only props made from recyclable material, and the film’s stop-motion animation was created using more than 1,500 plastic bottles. Coca-Cola are not alone in their pledge to reduce plastic waste. Coffee chain Costa, supermarket Iceland, fast-food giant McDonald’s and the luxury mineral water brand Evian have all announced plans to tackle the environmental problems that plastic packaging poses. This follows the unveiling of  a new environmental agenda which seeks to eradicate avoidable plastic waste in Britain by 2042. Significant steps towards this have already been made, including a ban on the plastic microbeads used in bath and shower products, along with the news that smaller retailers will soon be required to enforce the 5p carrier bag charge, which was first introduced in 2015 and reduced the use of plastic bags by 83%.

ASOS Set To Launch Clothing Recycling Scheme alongside Circular Fashion System Commitment

This month over 100 fashion brands including ASOS, H&M and Zara have agreed to begin implementing the 2020 Circular Fashion System Commitment, a promise to make their processes more sustainable in the next two years. Part of this scheme will consist of ASOS launching a clothing recycling collection scheme for customers in the UK and Germany, similar to the already existing collection initiative run by H&M. ASOS said it will execute this program by engaging with consumers on social media platforms and informing them about how they can foster fashion circularity. 'Circular fashion' regards to clothing that can be taken apart and turned into something else, passed on instead of thrown away, made of biodegradable materials, or that can be recycled. Fostering circular design was the most popular action point among signatories—with a total of 55 companies and corporations indicating that they wanted to train designers in circular design strategies and boost durability and recycleability in their garments. (Here at Bin Shop we’re all for recycling, and you can shop our extensive range of recyling bins right here!) In May, Global Fashion Agenda will publish an annual progress report, where it will highlight the signatories’ commitment activities and progress over the next four months.    
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