Recycle Week: The Who, The What & The Why

Recycle Week: The Who, The What & The Why
3 October 2017 7 view(s) 2 min read
Recycle Week: The Who, The What & The Why
Last week marked the 14th Recycle Week since it began in 2004. It was brought to us by Recycle Now – England’s national recycling campaign that aims to demonstrate the benefits of recycling for homes, businesses and organisations and drive a surge of recycling across the country.

Recycle. The possibilities are endless.

What is ‘Recycle Week’?

This annual campaign runs for one week and delivers information on recycling via its website, social media accounts and in newspapers. It publishes infographics, short videos and competitions in a bid to engage and broaden its audience.

Who is behind it?

Recycle Now, the name behind the week-long campaign, is a brand name for WRAP – the company that “works with governments, businesses and communities to deliver practical solutions to improve resource efficiency.” As a result of their continuous efforts and campaigns such as Recycling Week, they were able to cut greenhouse emissions in England by 50 million tonnes between 2010 and 2015. Sponsors such as Currys PC World and John Lewis got involved to offer prizes to the competitions, entice the public to get involved and spread the message among their own audiences.

How do I get involved?

Getting involved is easy - you can help encourage your friends and family to recycle by sharing and liking the relevant social media posts. Enter competitions to win fabulous prizes donated from the various sponsors. Recycle Now has made learning about recycling as easy as possible with short videos and illustrated posts that simply and quickly offer facts and statistics. What goes around comes around
For more information, follow Recycle Now on FacebookTwitter and YouTube.
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