What to add to your next School Budget?

School budget
15 December 2021 13 view(s) 5 min read
What to add to your next School Budget?

Getting the most out of your school budget is crucial. With a set amount being offered to ensure your school is furnished to a high standard each year striking the right balance between quality and cost efficiency is key.

We’ve put together a selection of items that you might want to consider adding to your wish list for when you’re considering where to spend your budget.


When it comes to preparing your school for the year ahead, bins need to be an important part of your plans. With 100’s of students and lots of staff, your school is going to create a lot of waste. You may need internal bins for classrooms and corridors, external bins for paths, fields or outdoor sports facilities.

Then you need to think about recycling. More emphasis is being put on the need to preserve our world and teaching the next generation about it is imperative, therefore having recycling points should be high on your list. 

We have had a look at some bins you could look to purchase to help meet your school’s requirement:

Pedal Operated Litter Bin - 50 litre

The ideal bin for inside a classroom. The small design allows it to easily sit in the corner of a classroom without taking up much room. By being foot pedal-operated the bin is highly hygienic even in an environment where a high number of people may use the bin each day.

Manufactured in robust polypropylene that will be long-lasting, making it ideal for use in a school setting. You have a choice of lid colours which can be paired with the optional add on stickers and used to separate waste and recycling streams in classrooms.

Eco Recycled Open Top Litter Bin - 70 litre

Outside bins are just as important as the internal classroom bins. Lunchtimes and breaks can be stressful times, especially if you work in a secondary school where the pupils can eat food anywhere. You will find rubbish scattered across the entire school grounds.

The eco recycled open top litter bin is an ideal solution to waste disposal for outdoor use. Manufactured from material that is tough and durable which is suitable for a school environment.

Regent Post or Wall Mountable Litter Bin - 30 Litre

Another ideal bin option to consider is a bin that is post or wall mountable. These are often open top which allows for easy walk by access for students and members of staff. The regent litter bin gives you the option of mountable to either a wall or post, depending on your preference.

The bin is made from a strong medium density polyethylene that is long-lasting and durable, making it ideal for use in a school or college environment.


Despite their never-ending energy, children of all ages do enjoy the occasional sit down. Having enough seating is therefore a key part to school planning.

100% Recycled Plastic Mira Children’s Bench

Offering a stylish and eco-friendly bench, the 100% Recycled Plastic Mira Children’s Bench is ideal for use in schools for all ages. The simple design will look the part in any outdoor setting. Resistant to all weather, rot free, chemical free and vandal resistant, this bench is extremely low maintenance. The bench is guaranteed for 20 years.

Junior 4-Seater Jigsaw Table & Bench Set

For younger schools, the fun looking 4-seater jigsaw table and bench is the perfect set for a playground or dining area.

The manufacturing of the bench set makes sure you can use the set outside. It is UV stabilised for sunny days, won’t rust or corrode and is easy to clean if any food or drink is spilled on the set.

Supplied with a ground fixing bolt, you can fix the bench to hard surfaces to prevent the bench set moving and causing potential injuries.


Lockers are an ideal solution for storage for both teachers and students.

Extreme Modular Plastic Locker with Stand - Set Of 6

The set of the 6 are ideal for corridors, changing rooms or class rooms as they won’t take up too much space when set up against the wall. This is further helped by the inter-stackable design, allowing you to line several up against each other along a wall.

Their manufacturing in recyclable polyethylene is a durable material that will be able to withstand daily use in a school. It has the added benefit of being vandal resistant as well which will reduce the need for maintenance of the lockers.

Cleaning items

Stepping away from teachers and students for this section, as we look at items you might want to stock up on to help your cleaning team with their tasks.

4-Sided Floor Sign Multilingual "Caution" Symbol (6 Per Pack)

Taking warning signs to the next level, the 4-sided floor sign makes sure people walking from each angle know to be careful when walking in an area.

Rubbermaid WaveBrake Down Press Combo Mop Bucket

A large capacity mop bucket that is ideal for use in large areas such as schools. The user will benefit further if the optional dirty water bucket is added as this will separate clean and dirty water.

Rubbermaid High-Capacity Cleaning Cart

The Large Capacity Cleaning Cart has been specifically designed to help maintain good levels of hygiene. With a wide array of added extras. You can maximise the high-capacity cleaning cart to become the only cleaning tool your school needs.

SHIELDme Antiviral Surface Disinfectant & Sanitiser - 5 Litre - Pack of 4

Disinfecting your school with antibacterial cleaners that are free from harsh chemicals will protect your pupils from an array of viruses.

These are just a few examples of products that your school may benefit from. We offer a wide range of products and work with various schools to ensure their requirements are met each year.

If you’d like to find out more please contact our sales team on 01777 858009 or email sales@kingfisherdirect.co.uk.

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