Product Guide - Litter & Recycling Bins

Product Guide - Litter & Recycling Bins
24 February 2017 10 view(s) 3 min read
Product Guide - Litter & Recycling Bins
Bins are a necessity for every environment including offices, schools, gyms and various public places. Our bin guide is here to help you provide a suitable and effective bin for your specific environment.

School Litter Bins

It is important to teach children from a young age the importance of disposing of litter properly. Furnishing your school with a novelty bin will offer pupils an engaging solution to keeping their classrooms, cafeterias and playgrounds tidy. The various patterns and character designs will look attractive and complement a primary school setting. Novelty recycling bins are perfect to teach children, as well as encourage them, to recycle. The various characters and colours provide an imaginative way to ensure recycling is segregated and therefore helps school maintenance staff with waste removal. Frog litter bin

NHS Clinical Waste Bins

Within NHS establishments, such as hospitals, GPs and dentists, it is important to provide bins that are professional, clean and meet the legislative requirements of clinical waste. The Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005 states that “hazardous wastes… can cause the greatest environmental damage or are dangerous to the human health” therefore it is critical to provide a bin that abides by the hazardous waste regulations. Clinical waste bins are designed and manufactured to comply with all legislative requirements. Pedal operated bins ensure hands-free use, decreasing the spread of germs and bacteria. Wheeled bins allow waste to be easily moved without the need of removing the bin bag from the actual bin. This helps safeguard against the spread of germs and bad odours. Clinical waste bin

Leisure Facility Bins

Bottle recycling bins are ideal for sports establishments such as gyms, leisure centres and sports facilities, where bottled water and energy drinks are frequently consumed. The water bottle design offers an eye-catching addition to sports halls and cafeterias and encourages users to recycle their used bottles. Bottle recycling bins

Bins For Public Places

If you are searching for a bin for external use, it is important for it to be durable and weather-resistant. Heavy duty litter bins are ideal for public environments as they are reinforced with steel to withstand vandalism, varying temperatures and displacement. Alternatively, wooden litter bins offer a more attractive alternative to the typical waste disposal bin and are designed to suit environments such as playgrounds and parks. Additionally, dog waste bins are often needed in public places to encourage dog walkers to help keep public areas clean. Providing specific bins for dog walkers ensures public places to be kept fresh and clear for other members of the public. wooden litter bins  

Office Litter & Recycling Bins

Places such as offices require high-quality, durable bins that look professional and will ensure the surrounding environment remain litter-free. Recycling is important for any business so it is important to provide easy-to-use recycling bins. Artwork/graphics that clearly illustrate which type of recyclable waste certain bins collect are ideal for easy use and look professional in a work setting. In terms of general waste, it is important to consider a bin’s design, size and shape. Compact office waste bins save vital space and are easy to empty into larger waste disposal skips and bins. office waste bins
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