Forget the Rubbish: Getting to know your Outdoor Waste and Recycling Bins

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15 March 2022 30 view(s) 4 min read
Forget the Rubbish: Getting to know your Outdoor Waste and Recycling Bins

We are all going that extra step to protect and preserve our environment. This includes taking care to dispose of waste and recycling in the right way. As a headteacher, business owner or local council worker you will need to ensure there are enough waste bin locations outdoors.

We have had a look at the key characteristics of outdoor bins which make them ideal for year-round use.

Why do you need outdoor bins?

You need to make sure that wherever possible, you provide people with bins to dispose of their rubbish.  We can greatly reduce the amount of rubbish thrown on the floor, by placing enough bins in our outdoor spaces, allowing us to look after the environment by disposing of the rubbish responsibly.

This is especially important in school environments. By setting a positive example of having several bins that pupils can use outside, they are less likely to litter and will continue the habit of using bins as they grow older.

Key characteristics of outdoor bins

The outdoor bins we have on sale have features to ensure they are long lasting and hard wearing when used outdoors.


One issue that comes with having a bin in an outdoor public space is vandalism. Our outdoor bins reduce the impact of any damage.

The bins are made from strong and durable materials. You will find many of our outdoor bins are made using polyethylene. Polyethylene is a strong material which is why it is often used in the manufacturing of items used in public settings.  Polyethylene is the most used plastic in the world due to its reliability and strength.

UV resistant

An outdoor bin will face a variety of weather conditions throughout the year. When the sun shows itself in the UK, you don’t want it to damage your bin. Thus, we source bins made up of UV resistant materials. By manufacturing bins using UV resistant materials, such as high-density polyethylene, the material won’t show signs of sun damage.

Anti-terrorism bins

These bins are not needed in every outdoor setting, but they offer a great way to reduce anxiety in your local community. Their clear sack design allows anyone to see the content of the bins.

You will often find these bins in hospitals, airports, railway stations or government/council buildings.

Examples of such bins include:

Secured to the floor

Despite being heavy, even when empty, your bins can be moved or stolen if left free-standing. Many of our bins are capable of being secured to the floor if needed, which means they are ideal for use in various outdoor environments.

The ground fixing kit and bolts that are shown on our product listings as an optional extra, let you to secure your bin to the ground. Don’t worry though, the kit can just as easily remove the bolts and fixings so you can move your bin when the time comes.

Different options for locations of outdoor bins

Free Standing

The most common bin you will find on the street or in outdoor areas is a free-standing bin. These are secured to the floor using the ground fixing kit and bolts. This adaptability makes these types of outdoor bins popular with local councils who may need to reallocate bins from time to time.

Popular versions of these include:

Wall mountable

Listed on some of our outdoor bins is the choice to mount the bin to a wall. This is handy for schools or colleges as they can be placed on exterior walls. This is a great way to supply enough bins, in an aesthetically pleasing and convenient way.

Mounting a bin on a wall also keeps walkways and grass areas clear. You won’t need to have a bin taking up much-needed space outside your business, school, or college.

Popular versions of these include:

Post mountable

As with the above wall-mountable bins, some of our bins have the choice to be mounted to posts. By doing this you aren’t taking up space on a walkway. It also makes it easier for people to dispose of rubbish as the bin is at waist height for passers-by.

Here are some popular options of these bins:

As you can see, there are plenty of options to choose from. Having a mixture of the different types of bins will reduce the likelihood of littering in your school, hospital or public outdoor area.

If you’d like to find out more about the bins we have available, please contact our sales team on 01777 858009 or email

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