3 Upcycled Homeware Ideas For Autumn

3 Upcycled Homeware Ideas For Autumn
15 October 2016 5 view(s) 2 min read
3 Upcycled Homeware Ideas For Autumn
Autumn months are all about warm colours, cosy fabrics and soft lighting. Here's some ideas for how to create your own homewares and decorations for Autumn in an environmentally friendly way.

Mason Jar Lighting

cu-pceqwcaeueu_If you've found yourself with an abundance of leftover glasses and jars from Summer jams and preserves, why not turn them into something to add warmth and light to your home this November? All you need are jars of any size, which can either be purchased new, or rinsed out from holding preserves, and a string of battery powered fairy lights (which are never hard to find in a supermarket Christmas aisle this time of year!) The result is soft, warm-white lighting which adds a cosy glow to any living room, bedroom or dining table. An alternative idea for would be to use glow sticks to create a colourful glow perfect for Halloween and Bonfire night.

DIY Recycled Blanket

creamsweater1An activity perfect for colder evenings, crochet is a skill which is overlooked in present day, despite being relatively simple to learn. To make your own recycled blanket you will need other knitted items such as jumpers and scarves, which can be acquired from charity shops, and a little bit of patience. By carefully unravelling the wool from the old knitted items, the wool can then be used again to knit a blanket with more love and history in it than anything you'd find in a shop. Pallet Coffee Table Creating your own wooden coffee table is an excellent way to recycle the pallets that our products arrive on! You can find full instructions below http://www.thewonderforest.com/2011/09/diy-rustic-pallet-coffee-table.html
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