6 Ways To Re-Use & Reduce Household Waste

Last week Defra announced that England’s household recycling rates have edged up to almost 45%, which is up 5% in 5 years. I believe there is more we can do to increase this level than just recycling our household waste.

Searching the web over the past few days I’ve found some amazing and interesting ways to re-use and reduce waste around your home – my favourites are as followed.

1) Upcycle Gift Wrappers

gift wrapper

Using old household materials to wrap the next gift you’re thinking of giving can not only save you money and help the environment, but it creates a unique way of gift wrapping. Why buy wrapping paper, for the person you’re giving the gift to, to rip it off and it be sent straight back to recycling?

2) Upcycle your old ice lolly sticks


Why not turn old ice lolly sticks into an afternoon of craft for children? With endless opportunities, ice lolly sticks are an easy way to upcycle and help the environment.

3) Re-use Food Packaging In Your Garden


Food comes with a lot of excess packaging that will only be sent straight back to a recycling centre after use. Why not deal with food packaging in a more ecologically responsible way – maybe even to grow your own food in your old food packaging?

4) Reduce Plastic Bag Usage


Hawaii has recently banned plastic bags and it’s a great way to help the environment considering it takes over 100 years for them to decompose. This guide from the singer Jack Johnson has some great tips to achieve this.

5) Budget Sound System


Budget sound systems not only create something useful and economical but they can be fun to make and save money. This YouTube video shows you just how to create your own.

6) Re-use Empty Bottles


Why not re-use your empty beer or alcohol bottles to create something unique around your house?