Sodium Chloride Brine 20% - 800 Litres

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800 litres of Sodium Chloride Brine 20% supplied in a 1000 litre IBC.

Supplied in an 1000 litre IBC for simple handling and storage, this liquid de-icer is a faster acting alternative than granular sodium chloride salt at melting away ice and snow.

This de-icing grade 20% brine solution is widely used for de-icing and reducing freezing temperatures on roads, car parks and cycle paths. It has a freezing point of -21°C and offers a reliable de-icing solution that has proven very effective in the winter maintenance market.

It is suitable for use with a wide range of sprayers which ensures increased control when applying the product, as well as minimising waste.


  • Sodium Chloride Brine 20% Liquid De-Icer
  • 800 litres supplied in an 1000 litre IBC (with discharge valve) for easy handling and storage
  • Suitable for use with a wide range of sprayers
  • Widely used for de-icing and reducing freezing temperatures on roads, car parks and cycle paths
  • Faster acting alternative to granular sodium chloride salt
  • Leaves a more even spread with no scatter wastage
  • Freezing point of -21°C
  • Easier to store and handle than granular materials
  • Supplied on a tail lift

The IBC is fitted with a discharge valve to allow complete discharge of the liquid from the container.

Optional Extras

There are three different sprayers available as optional add-ons. They provide an economical solution for the precise application of liquid de-icer. The R300 and R301 are both handheld sprayers which require 25% fewer pumps per gallon than competitor products. The R301 also features a 24 inch brass wand, making it practical for treating hard to reach areas.

The Performance Field King Pro Sprayer is a backpack sprayer suitable for use all year round. It comes with a 15 litre capacity tank and a lightweight 21 inch poly wand which enables surfaces to be covered quickly and efficiently from a distance.

Liquid De-Icers - De-Icing Guidelines/Suggested De-Icing Rates

Please find below approximate quantities for preventative treatments of frost, ice and snow conditions. Given the variables involved, these are offered as a guideline only.

Forecast Condition


Spray Rate


0°C to -5°C

20 ml /m²

Below -5°C


0°C to -5°C

40 ml /m²

Below -5°C