Saclo Waste Sack Holder Flex Bin With Continuous Liner

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  • FREE clear liner
  • Height adjustable to fit under or over worktops depending on user preference
  • Simply fill the continuous liner with waste, pull the bag down, tie it together with two cable ties and cut between the cable ties to change the liner 
  • Only takes 25 seconds to empty, saving you time and money
  • Reduce plastic waste by up to 70% as fewer liners required
  • Popular in industrial facilities, restaurant kitchens and supermarkets 
  • The continuous liner can fit up to 5x the amount of waste as a traditional liner 
  • Extra strong liner - no need to double bag
  • Extra Hygenic - no contact with waste 
  • Available in Painted Steel and Stainless Steel

Our unique Saclo eco-friendly flexible bin bag holder is manufactured with stainless steel or painted steel to suit user preference. The continuous liner can be replaced in only 25 seconds. Click here to view our full continuous liner range.

Simply connect the cable tie to the top of the most recent bin liner and cut in between the previous cable tie to remove the old liner. The continuous liners can hold the capacity of up to five bin bags, this helps to reduce the amount of plastic waste by a staggering 70%. 

The bin is fitted with wheels making it easy to move around your premises, or from under worktops. The height can be adjusted to suit how high you require. The strong and durable design means it will last years, and it comes with 1 year warranty.

These unique bins are popular in several businesses, particularly in industrial facilities, restaurant kitchens, and supermarkets. The added hygiene factor of not needing to make contact with the waste means you can remain hygienic and free from germs.

The clear endless liners also make it easier to spot if something has been thrown into the wrong bin, also for security reasons.

PLEASE NOTE: This sack holder requires assembly

What's included?

  • Frame
  • Allen Key
  • Nuts
  • Screws
  • Scissors
  • Cable Ties 
  • FREE clear liner
  • Assembly Instructions

Refill Insertion (see above images for further assistance)

  1. Place the bag near the dustbin
  2. Insert the bag into its housing
  3. Cut the containment straps
  4. Grip the outer part of the bag and lift it
  5. Unroll it inside the dustbin
  6. Seal the bottom flap of the bag with the supplied cable ties

How to change your liner in 6 simple steps 

  1. Make sure waste is firmly pushed down
  2. Collect your scissors and 2 cable ties
  3. Bring the liner together
  4. Tie both cable ties to the liner
  5. Cut in between the cable ties with scissors
  6. Open the new liner and you are done!

Mini refill bin liners - 60m length 357mm diameter

Maxi refill bin liners - 110m length 570mm diameter

Mini box weight and dimensions 15 Kg - 820x280x660mm

Maxi box weight and dimensions 15 Kg - 820x280x660mm


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1 Year