Recycle Week & Tasty Recipes For Leftovers – September 2016 Recycling News

Recycling-wise, September has been an excellent month. Hosting both Recycle Week and Zero Waste week, it’s been a month filled with great tips and articles. This month, we bring you a round up of Recycle Week and some great zero waste recipes to try at home.

#RecycleWeek 2016



The 12th to the 18th of September marked the 13th year of National Recycle week with this year’s theme being ‘The Unusual Suspects’, encouraging people to recycle the unusual items that often get forgotten about when recycling around the home.

For example, only 50% of aluminium packaging was recycled last year, which means there’s lots more we can all do. The Unusual Suspects educates consumers on how you can recycle empty cans of deodorant, furniture polish, air fresheners and other aluminium items such as foil takeaway containers.

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Also, #DidYouKnow that we use around 95% less energy to make products from recycled materials than raw materials? You can find out great more recycling facts from the home of the Unusual Suspects at

Great Zero Waste Recipes To Try


chunky-potato-and-chicken-soup-with-parsley-and-fresh-bread-l-2This month Slim Your Bin shared a great compilation of zero waste recipes, designed to use up any leftovers in the spirit of both #ZeroWasteWeek and #RecycleWeek.

Featuring six inventive recipes, including Leftover lamb hot pot and Breakfast topped bread, the recipes come courtesy of Natasha Lovell-Smith, editor of Great British Food magazine.

All the recipes can be found by clicking the link below, and if you’re hungry for more, why not come up with some of your own leftover-based meals?

6 delicious ways to use up your leftovers