New litter bins, recycling bins & units, dog waste bins & glove/apron dispensers

We’ve recently added a new batch of products to our ever-growing range, we’ve made additions to both our Litter and Recycling Bin ranges, an addition to our Dog Waste Bin range, and additions to our Industrial range. These products are all of UK manufacture, and are predominately made from galvanised steel and polyethylene which means these products are both tough and durable.

Litter Bins

Animal Face Litter Bin


Our already vast range of litter bins has seen the addition of the Animal Face Litter Bin – 90 Litre Capacity. Similar to our popular Face Litter Bin, they are ideal to be situated in zoo’s, theme parks, schools and nurseries as they are a great way of encouraging children to dispose of their litter in the correct manner. This bin is available as a Tiger, a Hippo, a Ladybug or a Mouse, they all feature bright colours which make them aesthetically pleasing, and capture the imagination of children, instead of being a chore, recycling becomes a fun activity.

The bin is manufactured from tough and durable polyethylene and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use as they are UV resistant and weatherproof.

This bin has a great price of £126.00 (ex. VAT) and a UK Mainland delivery charge of £10.50 (ex. VAT)

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Recycling Bins and Units

This is the range we have made the most significant addition to, as we have introduced 4 new ranges of recycling bins/units, the Box Cycle, the C-Bin, Torpedo Recycling Range and the Lute Triple Recycling Unit.

Box Cycle


The Box Cycle Recycling Bin range are designed for internal use inside offices, schools, nurseries etc. The transparent body is designed to help prevent cross contamination of waste streams by allowing users to see the contents of the bin. However, a choice of transparent or silver powder coated bodies is available across the whole range of Box Cycle Bins.

The Box Cycle range are available as a double unit, triple unit, quadruple unit, cube unit and an animal face version, all of which are pictured above. They are also available with a variety of additional options, including a choice of lid, choice of body, optional message board, optional artwork, a locking lid and liquid collection tube. The units that are part of the box cycle are available as either a 60 or 80 litre capacity.

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C-Bin Recycling Bins


The C-Bin is an internal recycling unit which is available with either a 60 or 80 litre capacity. The C-Bin and lid are manufactured from 1.2mm thick galvanised steel making them extremely robust, durable and corrosion resistant. As standard the C-Bin’s frame is powder coated in silver with the body available in the same colour or with a transparent polycarbonate plastic body. Both body finishes feature high corrosion and abrasion resistance and they are also fire retardant.

The C-Bin range also have a range of optional extras; a message board can also be added to the bin and this can be used to display vinyl stickers, magnetic labels or even optional poster frames to display your artwork. Optional artwork can be added to match your chosen waste streams, and a push lock can be added to each lid.

The pricing for the C-Bin Recycling Bins starts at £119.99 (ex. VAT), and the UK Mainland Delivery charge starts at £10.50 (ex. VAT).

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Torpedo Recycling Bin/Unit


The torpedo single recycling bin is a galvanised steel unit which is perfect for locating in offices, schools, cafeterias etc and look great when grouped together to form a recycling station. The bin is available in three sizes and can come in one of three colours; silver, black or white. The bin features a sack retaining lift-off swing lid featuring WRAP iconography to denote the waste stream being collected in the bin. This bin is also available with recycling artwork to match your lid choice, this is applied to the front of the bin, where it will be clearly visible and therefore minimise the risk of mixing waste.

The two larger Torpedo Recycling Units, the Triple XL and the Triple with Orbit Hood have a larger capacity which makes them ideal for busy locations such as shopping centres, schools, colleges, universities and in the workplace. The two bins are also manufactured from 2mm galvanised steel makes them extremely tough and durable.

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Lute Recycling Unit

The Lute is a three compartment recycling unit that features a stylish design and is suitable for a wide range of locations such as shopping centres, schools, colleges and in the workplace. The unit is manufactured from 2mm galvanised steel making it very tough and durable.

The lute features 3 waste streams, these you can customise to suit your recycling needs.  You can also add optional artwork to match your fascia choices. This is added to the top of the bin, where it is clearly visible and indicates what is being collected in the bin.

The Lute Triple Recycling Unit has a great price of £594.99 (ex. VAT) and a UK Mainland Delivery charge of £34.50 (ex. VAT).

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Dog Waste Bins

Heavy Duty Steel Dog Waste Bin

The heavy duty steel dog waste bin is specifically designed with no sharp corners which makes it ideal for locations such as parks and green spaces. It is manufactured from 2mm galvanised steel making it extremely robust, durable and corrosion resistant.

The bin has many helpful features for ease of use. It comes standard with a dog lead hook, and features a lift up, one way chute system with galvanised steel liner. Also, as the bin is free-standing it is a lot more versatile than a standard post mountable dog bin, as it is easily situated in a wider range of places.

The bin is also available in a choice of three colours; red, dark green and black along with a choice of three sizes; 60, 90 and 112 litres.

This dog waste bin comes with a very sensible price of £185.00 (ex. VAT) and a UK Mainland delivery charge of £29.50 (ex. VAT).

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Glove and Apron Dispensers


Our new range of Glove and Apron Dispensers are all specifically designed to be used in healthcare environments. They are also designed to be wall mounted,  most of these dispenser can be mounted either vertically or horizontally. The dispensers also feature a large aperture which gives quick and easy access.

Within this range we have added both transparent and metal dispensers to match your requirements. The metal wall mountable dispensers are manufactured from anti-microbial powder coated, galvanised steel. The transparent wall mountable dispensers are manufactured from clear plastic. This means that both are easy and efficient to clean, and can be lifted off the wall to support the cleaning process.

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Pricing of the new Glove and Apron Dispensers starts at £20.49 (ex. VAT), and the UK Mainland Delivery charge starts at £10.50 (ex. VAT)

Please note these new products are manufactured to order and have a lead time of 3-4 weeks.