Papertainer Flat Pack Bins

Here at we are happy to announce our new product the Papertainer cardboard paper recycling pack of bins. The Papertainer is supplied in packs of 5 and are so simple to put together as the video found below will show.

Recycling is becoming a major issue with more and more companies and organisations looking to do their part in the recycling process, with that in mind, this is where the Papertainer just simply makes sense. We all use paper each day, whether it is at work, at school, college, university or even at home reading a newspaper or magazine. The Papertainer gives you a designated place to dispose of your paper therefore helping you do your bit in helping the environment. Added to this, with it being manufactured wholly from cardboard means that when the bin comes to the end of its life it can be easily recycled. It is also biodegradable.

With the price being just £39.99 Ex VAT and with Free delivery it works out at a measly £8.00 per bin! That’s a fantastic price for what you’re getting!