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Fills your sandbags 500% faster than the traditional shovelling method!

Conventional sandbag filling normally requires two people - one to hold the bag and the other to fill the bag. Our innovative Sandbag Filler Pro enables a single person to quickly and efficiently fill a sandbag without the need for assistance. Ideal for the likes of councils, environmental agencies, and the MOD, it offers a rapid response solution to flooding incidents and when military fortifications are needed in dire situations.

The Sandbag Filler Pro is also stackable, ensuring it is space-saving when not in use. The lightweight, user-friendly design provides greater wrist flexibility and comfort, whilst also reducing the risk of injury and fatigue.

It is constructed from durable blow moulded plastic which enables the product to withstand the rigours of the outdoors.

Discounts are available on larger quantities.

How It Works

Secure the sandbag around the bottom of the SandBag Filler Pro and use the other end (scoop mechanism) to scoop the sand. The sand slides out of the hole on the back of the filler, and into the attached bag.


Sandbags are practical for a wide range of applications including flood protection, weighing down road signs, military defence, erosion control, and even sports training and exercise regimes.


  • One person filling sandbag tool
  • Faster, resourceful and safer way to fill sandbags
  • Fills sandbags 500% faster than traditional shovel method
  • Ideal for the likes of councils, environmental agencies and the MOD
  • Increases productivity - 2 people can bag approximately 450 bags an hour
  • Lightweight and user-friendly design
  • Reduces risk of injury and fatigue
  • Durable blow moulded plastic construction
  • Stackable - space-saving when not in use
  • Colour: Blue
  • Discounts available on larger quantities

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