Pulahold® Bin Liners - Box of 200

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  • Grab bin liners as easily as a tissue
  • Dispense one at a time for mess-free waste management 
  • Take with you on the go, in a no hassle convenient package 
  • Sturdy design lets you grab and go single-handedly 
  • Closable flap allows you to stack and store without issue 
  • Suitable for bins with a capacity between 50 - 100 Litres

Our Pulaholds are made to be used quick and conveniently; saving you time, mess, and hassle. 
Instead of reaching into a cut-open box and grabbing a handful of bin liners, grab just one from a Pulahold and save yourself the effort. 
Two grades available - ‘medium duty’ (140 Gauge) meaning you can carry up to 10kg of waste or ‘heavy duty’ (150 Gauge) allowing you to carry up to 15kg of waste per sack - and once you are done, both grades are dispensed from a 100% recyclable box. Either gauge is able to suit bins from 50 to 100 litres.
With Pulahold you are guaranteed one liner at a time; pull the first liner out and the second will part dispense ready for the next use or take them with you on the go, and don’t worry about any loose rogue liners. 

Weight Capacity (Kg)
Dimensions (mm)
Dimensions (inches)
Medium 140 10

457 x 736 x 990

18 x 29 x 39
Heavy 1850 15

457 x 736 x 990

18 x 29 x 39