Column Protection Pads - Rectangular - 500 x 200 x 20mm

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Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, these Column Protection Pads provide robust protection to rectangular columns, beams, corners and wall protrusions from potential impact damage. Ideal for the likes of parking garages, warehouses and manufacturing units, they are also practical for areas where space is restricted.  

They are constructed from flexible age resistant polyurethane foam, whilst the profiles have reinforcing steel strips inserted during manufacture in order to provide secure anchorage points. The durable and hard-wearing design also shields vehicles from damage by absorbing the impact should a collision occur.

The UV resistant black and yellow hazard warning stripes offer maximum visibility and effectively assist workers who may be negotiating their vehicles past protruding walls or through narrow spaces.


  • Robust protection for rectangular columns, beans, corners etc
  • Also protects vehicles from damage by absorbing the impact
  • Suitable for internal and external use
  • Practical solution for areas where space is limited
  • Ideal for parking lots, warehouses and manufacturing plants
  • Flexible age resistant polyurethane foam construction
  • Reinforcing steel strips for secure anchorage points
  • UV resistant black and yellow markings
  • High-visibility design
  • Quickly and easily installed (using bolts)
  • Temperature resistant from -40 to + 90 degrees
  • Fire resistant to UL94
  • Silicone free
  • Round column protection also available (See Related Products)

These Column Protection Pads are easy to install, silicone free and temperature resistant from -40 to + 90 degrees. They are also fire resistant for increased building or structure safety, as well as to help prevent injury and loss of property.


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