RB22 Safety Traffic Barrier

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The complete barrier system is designed to withstand impacts from vehicles travelling up to 50mph (80kph). Weighing 600kg when filled with water (60kg when empty), they have the ability to bring errant vehicles to a controlled stop upon impact. This makes the barrier ideal for bordering off temporary road works and pedestrian walkways, especially on high speed roads. 

The barriers are completely inter-lockable with the next, creating a robust and solid safety wall. They are connected by a metal pin which slots into the arms of each barrier to secure them together. For extra security, a metal side plate is supplied which secures the barrier are connected with no visible gaps. 

The barriers are manufactured from UV stabilised polyethylene, which creates a strong and durable barrier that is weather resistant and will not fade over the long-term. The barriers are stackable within their design, also providing easy transportation and storage. Each barrier can be water or ballast filled and reach a weight of 600kg when full, this ensure the stability of the barrier when in place. The weight of the product when empty is 60kg, also providing easy transportation and installation.

To ensure additional safety, the RB22 barriers have passed wind tests – x1 of the RB22 barriers, filled with water to the fill line have withstood wind speeds of up to 78mph. They have also passed TRL crashed tested and approved to 50mph (BS EN 1317 – N1 50mph).

An optional extra with these barriers (at an additional cost) are anti-climb mesh or hoarding panels. These can extend the height of both the barrier and panel to 2.05 metres, this ensures added safety and security to construction sites and pedestrian walk ways. 

** Other extras (also at additional costs) available are small barrier bend and barrier end stops. The barrier bend gives the barrier systems greater flexibility in accommodating angles. The barrier end stop generates greater safety and prevents trip hazards from the end barrier piece. 


  • UV protected
  • Strong and durable
  • Compatible with mesh or hoarding panels
  • Can be will with water or ballast filled for extra stability
  • MIRA wind speed tested
  • TRL crash tested to 50mph
  • Weight: empty: 60kg – filled: 600kg

** Please note that if barrier bends and end stops are required, please call our sales team on 01777 858009.

Please also note that although x2 barriers are displayed in the leading image, the price is for x1. 


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