560mm Magnetic Sweeper with Switchable Release

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Offering a cost-effective solution for protecting personnel, livestock and tyres from hazardous ferrous objects, this Magnetic Sweeper features a 22-inch ferrite magnetic face for quickly and efficiently clearing areas of nails, nuts, bolts and building debris. It is fitted with an adjustable handle and chunky solid rubber tyres for easy manoeuvring on uneven surfaces and rugged terrain in the likes of construction sites, garages, pasture areas, straw barns, warehouses, etc.

This durable product requires no external power to operate, with the corrosion-resistant design enabling this product to withstand being out in the elements. Capable of lifting approximately 30kg of metal debris, the collected debris is simple to release via a simple pull mechanism.


  • Magnetic Sweeper with Switchable Release
  • Quickly and effectively sweeps areas free of loose ferrous objects
  • 22-inch ferrite magnetic face
  • Switchable release for easy releasing of collected ferrous loads
  • Chunky solid rubber tyres
  • Adjustable handle
  • Corrosion-resistant - suitable for outdoor use
  • Pull strength: 30kg (approx)
  • Ideal for straw barns, construction sites, garages, pasture areas, etc
  • Prevents damage to tyres and injury to livestock and personnel
  • Requires no external power to operate


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