SHIELDme Freestanding Automatic Hand Disinfectant & Sanitiser Station - 1000ml Capacity

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This listing includes a Hand Disinfectant & Sanitiser Dispenser Stand, a 1000ml Automatic Dispenser and a 5-litre Bottle of SHIELDme High-Level Disinfectant and Sanitiser.

The freestanding design of this SHIELDme Automatic Hand Disinfectant & Sanitiser Station provides an easily identifiable facility and hygienic method to help reduce the spread of viral infections. It enables individuals entering and operating in high-traffic locations such as supermarkets, hospitals, airports, gymnasiums, restaurants and schools to thoroughly cleanse their hands, with the touch-free operation of the dispenser helping prevent cross-contamination by eliminating a common touch point between users.

This eye-catching unit features a black and blue stand which is constructed from electrogalvanized sheet and powder coated to protect it from the outdoor elements.

The dispenser has a large 1000ml capacity to ensure a constant level of service. The transparent window allows for simple stock control, enabling the user to view the contents from the front of the unit, making it easy to know when to top up. It also features a choice of two settings for cost-effective dispensing - one spray and two spray.


  • Freestanding Automatic Hand Disinfectant and Sanitiser Station
  • Comes supplied with a 1000ml automatic dispenser
  • Easily identifiable and hygienic method for the thorough cleansing of hands
  • Reduces cross-contamination and the spread of bacteria and viruses
  • Ideal for high-traffic areas - schools, restaurants, hotels, schools, offices, hospitals, etc
  • Robust stand - constructed from electrogalvanized sheet and powder coated
  • Adaptable for use in a wide variety of fixed points and locations - building entrances, corridors, waiting rooms, etc
  • Transparent window on the dispenser allows for easy stock control
  • Two settings: one spray and two spray
  • Easy to clean and refill
  • CE marked
  • Power adaptor included - voltage 100/240V AC
  • Also includes a 5-litre bottle of High-level Disinfectant & Sanitiser
  • Electronically Activated Water containing Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL)
  • Kills 99.999% of harmful germs, viruses and spores
  • Kills all known pathogens in less than 1 minute
  • 100% natural, environmentally friendly
  • Non-alcoholic
  • Non-irritant, benign to human skin

This product also comes supplied with a 5-litre bottle of SHIELDme high-level disinfectant and sanitiser. Containing the naturally produced active ingredient of Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL), it is an Electronically Activated Water that kills 99.999% of harmful germs, viruses and spores including influenzas, E-coli, C-difficle, MRSA and Norovirus in less than one minute.

This 100% natural, non-alcoholic solution is also non-irritating and benign to human skin.

Please Note: Use disinfectants safely. Always read the label and product information before use.


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