GFC Semi-Open Top Litter Bin - 112 Litre Capacity

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The GFC Semi Open Top Litter Bin is a popular choice in coastal areas as Glass Fibre Composite (GFC) is unaffected by extreme temperature changes or by salt water so will therefore not corrode when located close to the sea. It is also environmentally friendly with 65% of its construction coming from renewable sources.

The bin is available with a choice of either a textured, smooth or Victoriana finish. The textured finish uses PTX textured paint to give a rough finish not too dissimilar to sand paper and has been designed to prevent unwanted posters and graffiti being applied to the bin. The smooth finish uses a smoother pseudo-cast iron finish with only a slight texture and no roughness.

The Victoriana finish uses the smooth finish with only a slight texture and no roughness with the addition of highlighted beading as standard to give a classic Victorian style appearance. The Victoriana finish is a popular choice with heritage sites and town/city centres.

The bin features a hinged door fitted with a slam lock which is easily opened using a square T key and closes with a push of the door against a spring loaded boss. Two large apertures make the bin ideal for busy locations such as sea front promenades, high streets, parks and green spaces. 

A stainless steel stubber plate can be added to the bin (as shown in the image) and this has been designed to encourage smokers to use it to stub out their cigarettes instead of using the body of the bin and leaving unsightly marks on it. Unfortunately no ashtray options are available for this bin.

The bin is supplied with a pre-drilled base that allows it to be securely fixed to the ground using RAWL bolts. Alternatively ground anchor feet are available which allow you to site the bin in freshly laid concrete. The feet bolt to the bottom of the bin and once the bin is in place and the concrete has cured, the bin is securely held in position.


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Glass Fibre Composite