Introducing our range of Grit Bins

At we have available for purchase a large range of Grit Bins, from Standard Grit Bins, Lockable Grit Bins, Grit Bin Winter Packs and Winter Accessories comprising of Snow Shovels and Rock Salt Spreaders.

Our Standard Grit Bin Range has over 13 separate products on offer, ranging from our 50 Litres Miniature Grit Bin which is ideal for the areas around your home and going all the way up in volume to our 400 Litres Heavy Duty Grit Bin which is mostly purchased by Councils, Local Authorities and Businesses.

In our Lockable Grit Bin range we have 7 different products available, again beginning at 50 Litres and going all the way up to 400 Litres in volume. These bins are ideal for keeping your stocks of Rock Salt safe and free from theft.

Our Grit Bin Winter Packs range is the ideal all in one solution when looking to purchase everything you need in one handy pack to keep the areas around your buildings free from snow and ice. Our range begins at with our 50 Litres Grit Bin Winter Pack which consists of a 50 Litres Miniature Grit Bin, 20 Kg of Rock Salt and a small hand scoop and all goes all the way up in volume to our 350 Litres Grit Bin Winter Pack which consists of a 350 Litres Grit Bin, 400 Kg of Rock Salt, Snow Shovel, High Viz Vest and Gloves. Between these two sized packs there are a further 6 sizes available with a suitable sized Winter Pack to suit all applications and purposes.

Our Recycled Grit Bins are a recent concept, these bins are manufactured from 100% recycled Polyethylene Plastic which would have otherwise been sent to landfill as waste. We have available two bins within this range, 200 Litres and 400 Litres Heavy Duty Recycled Grit Bins. Each bin comes with a hasp and staple fitted to enable them to be lockable and with the word Grit moulded into the lid of the bin.

Within our Winter Accessories range we have Snow Shovels and Rock Salt Spreaders available for purchase. Our Snow Shovels are manufactured from a tough and durable plastic called Polyethylene and are designed to withstand the rigours of adverse weather.

We have also have a range of Rock Salt Spreaders, starting with our Ev-N-Spread 1950 Spreader which is ideal for home use along with our Cemo brand of Spreaders which are ideal for more regular and rigorous use, our Cemo brand are amongst the most robust and high quality Rock Salt Spreaders available on the market today. We also retail a range of Towable Spreaders which are designed to be fitted to tractors and 4×4 Vehicles.

All products within our Grit Bins and associated product range can be viewed on our web site along with a downloadable PDF Specification sheet for each product, providing our customers with detailed technical data.

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Welcome to Bin Shop – The largest retailer of bins on the Internet

Here at We would like to welcome our new customers and client base to the largest retailer of all types of bins and associated products on the internet. Over the coming months, we will be adding more products to our already vast range, making us the one stop shop for any type of bin.

We have nearly a thousand products to choose from, including Internal Litter Bins, Office Bins, Indoor and Outdoor Recycling Bins, Dog Waste Bins, Novelty Bins and much more. If you require a certain type of bin that is not available already on our website then do not hesitate to contact our friendly sales team whereby we will be glad to help you with your enquiry.

We have a wide and varied customer base, from Councils and Local Authorities, Schools and Colleges, Theme Parks, Leisure Centres, Businesses, the Retail Sector and of course, the General Public. In addition to our range of bins, we also retail associated products such as Signage, Bollards, Barriers, Cycle Storage Pods, Storage Lockers and many other items that may be of interest to our customers.

From the smallest 30 Litres bin, suitable for office use to our 1100 Litres Commercial Wheeled Bins for businesses we have the products to fulfil your requirement.

Instant Credit Accounts are provided for our public sector clients: Councils, Schools, Hospitals, Police & Ambulance Services etc. Public Sector orders can be placed online through our website or by simply calling 0845 544 2155 whereby one of our sales staff will be able to provide you with all the information you require.

Whatever your requirement, we have the products to suit, to view our range of bins and associated products please visit: