Security Mirrors, Cycle Racks & Stands and Parking Posts

We have recently added a new range of exciting products to our website! These products are all available at great prices and include free delivery. Also, the majority of these products come with a lead time of 2-3 days to UK Mainland destinations, making delivery fast and easy! View the following categories for the full range:

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Street Furniture Maintenance and Provision In The UK

Maintaining street furniture is an important part of a council’s job. It is their responsibility to ensure that all street furniture within their district is maintained to a good standard and to make any ongoing repairs. We have put this blog together to help you find out how to contact your local council in regards to any street furniture issues.

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What Is Street Furniture?

Here at Bin Shop we supply street furniture to councils and companies around the UK on a daily basis, therefore we have a good knowledge and understanding of modern street furniture. However, we were curious to find out more about how our products have developed over the years. We wanted to find out how they were initially invented, how they were manufactured, and when they first hit the streets.

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Office Recycling – The Bin Shop Are Here To Help!

Did you know that we use 12.5 million tonnes of paper and cardboard every year in the UK, with much of that used within offices? On average 60-80% of waste produced in an office is paper. It is also said that an average office employee uses 10,000 sheets of paper per year that is equivalent to 45 sheets per day, and as many as 6,800 of those are wasted. However at Bin Shop we believe that recycling in an office is very easy, as long as you’re equipped with the correct bins, placing high quality and attractive bins around your office will ensure that your place of work will become a pleasant and litter free environment.

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Back To School With

With the start of a new school term fast approaching it’s that time of year when pupils, parents and teachers thoughts begin to focus on returning to school after their summer holiday. From bags and lunchboxes to stationary and school uniforms everybody will be stocking up on back to school essentials to help prepare and organise themselves for the new school year.

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Press Release – broadcasts its launch

Here at we have recently released a press release in co-operation with our marketing partners pressat. The press release is to broadcast to and notify a wider audience of what we have to offer. We are now trading with many different sectors and adding more and more products on a regular basis to meet the demand.

To learn more of what we have to offer and also gain a better insight of what we do please view our Press Release by clicking on the following link:


Internal Recycling Bins – Introduction to our range

Recycling our waste is now a part of everyday life with more and more Councils, Companies, and households being required to recycle rather than send waste to landfill.

Recycling is environmentally friendly as it helps stop us having to bury our rubbish underground in landfill sites and also helps us cut down on having to incinerate our waste and releasing more Carbon Monoxide, which in turn is damaging to the atmosphere. Recycling products ensures that we can re-use the materials in waste cans, glass bottles, plastic, paper, cardboard and many other waste products, ensuring that we use less energy in the manufacture of new products.

At we have a large range of Internal Recycling Bins available to purchase on line. The products in this range begin at 30 Litres with our Ink Toner Cartridge Recycling Bin which is available as either a floor standing model or a wall mounted model and goes all the way up to 300 Litres in volume with our quadruple Recycling Unit which can be adapted by our customers to choose which recycling items are to be segregated.

We have almost 40 separate products within our range that can be purchased on line with a style and type of recycling bin or recycling station to suit most applications.

For Drinks Cans we have a 90 Litres Drinks Can Recycling Bin with environmental graphics which is actually designed and shaped to look like a drinks can. For Plastic Bottles we have a 90 Litres Water Bottle Recycling Bin which is also shaped like a water bottle. For Paper Recycling we have available a 52 Litres Continental Paper Recycling Bin and also a 90 Litres Classic Paper Recycling Bin.

Many of our Recycling Bins can be used for the recycling of a variety of products such as our Torpedo Single Recycling Bin which is 60 Litres in capacity and can be used for the recycling of over a dozen different waste products. At the top end of this range are our Recycling Stations which are used for the separation of 2, 3 or 4 separate waste streams.

Our 160 Litres Double Recycling Unit is a multi-functional recycling system and is used for the separation of two types of waste products and comes with a galvanised liner and lockable doors.

Our Torpedo Triple Recycling Station is 163 Litres in volume and comprised of 3 separate compartments for use in the separation of 3 waste streams. Manufactured from galvanised steel, elegant and smart in design, with liners that have wheels for easy emptying.

The largest Unit we have available is our 300 Litres Quadruple Recycling Unit, this is designed for the separation of 4 waste streams and is an all in one unit that consists of 4 separate apertures, is made from galvanised steel and powder coated, these units can be bolted back to back to create an even larger unit

At we have a Recycling Bin or Recycling Station suitable for most applications. To view our full range of Internal Recycling Bins please visit:


Welcome to our new Youtube Channel

At we have recently launched our very own Youtube channel. We would like to offer our customers a better on line shopping experience by providing detailed vidoes of the products we sell.

We will be adding videos to our channel on a regular basis showing as many different products as possible. Each video will enable our customers to make a more concise decision when purchasing one of our products, we will be detailing the technical specifications of the products: sizes, the material it is made from, how the product is to be used and in what environment and much more.

Here at bin-shop we offer the largest selection of Bins available on the internet today, with many of the products we have on offer the customer has the option of downloading a detailed Technical Specification Sheet in PDF format providing the customer with as much information as possible, our videos on our Youtube channel are a progression of our passion to provide our customers with the best shopping experience available on line.

Check back on a regular basis to view our latest additions. You know the old saying…………a photograph can say a thousand words, well a video can say much more !

To view our Youtube channel please visit:




Internal Litter Bins – Our Product Range

Within our large range of Bins we have for sale a wide variety of Internal Litter Bins.

This range of Bins consists of over 40 products, starting at 20 Litres in volume and going all the way up to 230 Litres and are available in many different shapes and colours with optional extras such as graphics, locks and liners.

Amongst our largest selling bins is our 90 Litres Hooded Litter Bin, this bin is popular with schools, colleges, leisure centres, and businesses throughout the UK. Available with either a plastic or galvanised liner, barrel lock, ground fixing kit for securing to the floor and a choice of aperture shapes: rectangle, wave or slot and is one of our most economically priced bins at £74.99 !

Our 30 Litres Pillar Bin is ideal for fitting into tight spaces and is available either as a floor standing or wall mounted bin Litter Bin, comes with a standard plastic liner, stainless steel flap and litter logo. This bin can also be bought as part of a 4 bin Recycling Station used for segregating paper, plastic, glass and cans. This product is ideal for the office environment.

Amongst our smarter looking bins is our Continental Litter Bin with a capacity of 52 Litres. This bin is ideal for corporate environments, made from Polyethylene, a tough and durable plastic, comes with a galvanised liner and lock and is available in over 20 different colours ranging from green, blue and maroon to a variety of stone effect colours: stone effect emerald and stone effect sapphire being amongst them. This bin is suitable for use in offices, reception areas and lobbies.

For nurseries, infant schools and play centres we also have a number of Novelty Litter Bins within this range consisting of bins with bright colours and graphics such as our Face Litter Bin and Mini Face Litter Bin and also our Twist Litter Bin with Frog Logo.

Our popular Twin Litter Bins are 140 Litres in capacity and as the name suggests, are ideal for dual recycling and separation of waste streams. These bins are popular with Councils and many other Public Sectors. Smart looking and available in a choice of over 10 different colours including a choice of granite colours, these bins are ideal for the office environment.

For every Bin listed on our web site there is a downloadable PDF Technical sheet available. This can be downloaded by simply clicking the item: Product Datasheet,    Downloadable PDF.

Over the coming months we will be adding more products to our range of Internal Litter Bins, providing our customers with an even greater choice and ensuring that we are your one stop shop for all types of bins.

To view our full range of Internal Litter Bins, please visit: